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Participation in the WORLD WILDLIFE DAY FILM SHOWCASE: BIODIVERSITY implies full acceptance of the following Terms and Conditions:

Submission Guidelines:
--There is no entry fee for submission.
--Entries into the WWD FILM SHOWCASE: BIODIVERSITY are invited from media producers from around the world. Media submitted may be of any length, may originate in any digital media format and be fictional or non-fictional. Motion picture programs must have mixed (mono/stereo) audio track on both channels, must be an English version (dubbed or subtitled), and programs with visible time-code will not be accepted.
--Entries must be completed since January 1, 2017, Both entries that have not yet premiered and entries that have been broadcast or presented prior to submission are welcome.
--Submissions in all languages are welcomed. Programs in a language other than English must be subtitled in English for presentation to the judges.
--Eligible entries will complete an online submission form via jacksonwild.org.
--Entries will be uploaded to a private and secure Vimeo channel for judging.

Rights & Clearances:
The WWD FILM SHOWCASE: BIODIVERSITY requires all applicants to secure music and talent rights to their films for showcase exhibition & screenings. It is the sole responsibility of the entity submitting the project to secure permission from the copyright holders of all materials included in the program. JACKSON WILD/WWD FILM SHOWCASE: BIODIVERSITY will not be held responsible for any inclusion of uncleared copyrighted materials in entries.

Terms & Conditions:
By submitting an entry into the WWD FILM SHOWCASE: BIODIVERSITY to JACKSON WILD, entrants agree that they have read and agree to abide by the JACKSON WILD submission rules, that all information contained in application is true and correct, and that they are authorized to submit the film to the showcase for inclusion in free public screening showcase events. The WWD FILM SHOWCASE: BIODIVERSITY is hereby granted the right to utilize a 2-minute excerpt from any film submitted and selected for exhibition at the Jackson Wild Summit, for promotional purposes, and on the JACKSON WILD and WWD FILM SHOWCASE: BIODIVERSITY websites/webpages. Submissions selected for exhibitions will be shown at WWD FILM SHOWCASE: BIODIVERSITY screenings. The undersigned shall indemnify and hold harmless the JACKSON WILD and WWD FILM SHOWCASE: BIODIVERSITY from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees, and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the screening videos entered.

All submissions will be retained permanently by the JACKSON WILD for educational, promotional, traveling festival, and archival library purposes. Promotional segments of any film submitted will not exceed two minutes in length.

JACKSON WILD is not responsible for any copyright infringement resulting from free public screenings in association with the WWD FILM SHOWCASE: BIODIVERSITY. JACKSON WILD reserves the right to make additional dubs for the above listed purposes.

By accepting these terms you agree to the following: I have read the JACKSON WILD rules and agree to abide by them. To the best of my knowledge, all information contained herein is true.

Rights & Releases
JACKSON WILD/WWD FILM SHOWCASE: BIODIVERSITY reserves the right to use portions of the media submitted to JACKSON WILD for promotional purposes. JACKSON WILD reserves the right to screen and display submissions at showcase events, and showcase finalists and award winners at educational, free-to-the-public events and through non-exclusive digital distribution on the internet. No fees are paid for media selected to screen or be displayed in the events described above.

JACKSON WILD reserves the right to copy media submitted to the film competition for use by the JACKSON WILD, including public display and screenings during events for the Jackson Hole community and the WWD FILM SHOWCASE: BIODIVERSITY screening tour. A digital copy may be archived in the JACKSON WILD video library (for archival, reference and educational purposes).

Should an entry be selected as a category finalist, a high-resolution DVD or digital file will be needed for a featured screening during the WWD FILM SHOWCASE: BIODIVERSITY (High Definition files on an external drive are preferred). JACKSON WILD reserves the right to archive in perpetuity a copy of all category finalists. JACKSON WILD also reserves the right to include nominated or finalist motion pictures in free WILD on tour showcase events, to be held in public venues around the world.

Shipping Details
Entrants are responsible for shipping charges and insurance for submitting entry materials. All screening copies of motion picture submissions will be retained by JACKSON WILD unless otherwise requested. Those who request the return of screening copies are responsible for return shipping costs and customs clearances.

Certification of Entrant
The media competition submitter certifies that the media being entered into competition is/are not subject to any litigation, nor is any litigation threatened. Also, he/she must understand that participation in the WWD FILM SHOWCASE: BIODIVERSITY implies full acceptance of the above terms and conditions.

* I Agree, to the terms and conditions provided by JHWFF.